Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Sleep Coach

  1. Eliminate the Noise. In today’s day and age, we are flooded everyday with information. Information from our parenting google searches, stack of baby books, colleagues, friends, family, YouTube, social media following, and the list go on. This abundance of information often leaves us confused and questioning what to do. What is the right way to get sleeping? to cry or not to cry? let the baby sleep? wake them? should they sleep in the light? in the dark? what about the Snoo?. It’s a LOT. Hiring a Sleep Coach for your family means simplification. It’s my job to eliminate the noise. When I work with families, I assess a child’s sleep environment, schedule, routines, nutrition and sleep habits. With that assessment, I create a clear and simple plan to get healthy sleep underway. There is no longer a need to google, I like to consider myself a personal google as when questions arise, ask me. Answering any and all questions and educating along the way so that you can keep healthy sleep moving forward as your child grows…without all of the confusion and noise.
  2. Accountability. I cannot tell you how many times I hear from parents, I just needed the accountability. Knowing that there will be daily tracking, emails, and check in calls. Having a plan to follow and the accountability of reporting back to me was what they needed to finally get sleep on track. Now, let me tell you, this doesn’t mean that you have failed, it only means that when you are trying a new sleep method or advice from a friend and it’s 3 o’clock in the morning, you’re exhausted, it’s hard not to give up. The other benefit of a sleep plan and support is that it leaves you with no “what now?” questions. By this, I mean, you start following advice and when that doesn’t work, you are then questioning, what now? During consultations, we go over all of the what now situations, and then stay connected daily to keep sleep on track.
  3. A Guarantee. I mean, does it really get any better than a guarantee? In just two weeks, you have a sleeping child, an entire new understanding of sleep education, confidence to continue with healthy sleep, and new found rest. Sleep or I should say fear of not sleeping is one of the top fears of pregnant moms (probably right next to labor & delivery). As a parent, there aren’t many guarantees, if sleep is actually one of them…check please!
  4. Personalized Support. When we become parents, no matter what that journey looks like, we need support. Support from our partner, family, friends. It is a new experience, a lot of emotions, insecurities, questions, and a time in our lives where we are figuring out how to care for our little ones. When it comes to sleep, it can be stressful when our child isn’t sleeping, we will literally try everything. Personalized is key because EVERY CHILD AND FAMILY IS DIFFERENT. There are great and valid important sleep resources in the market, but it is not always customized for your child and family. Having personalized coaching means that we can adapt to the needs of your child we can flex and adapt throughout the process. As a tired and maybe even frustrated parent, when you have someone who understands what you are going through, knows how to fix the problems, and can be there for your daily to support you, it can make a world of a difference.
  5. Healthy Sleep. Unfortunately, there are so many parents that are suffering in silence. Struggling with their child’s sleep and have the mindset that “they will eventually sleep”, “it’s not that bad”, “I’m ok with waking a couple times a night”, etc. I am here to tell you, our growing, learning, and developing children need 10-12 hours of un-interrupted sleep every night. Healthy sleep means that a child’s body is able to heal, immune system repaired, cognitive function repaired, and the list goes on. Our children are happier and healthier when rested. Lastly, when our children are rested, WE are rested. We are better partners, mothers, fathers. With rest we have focus and energy to work, we make better food choices and have energy to care for ourselves. Healthy Sleep = Happy Family.

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