Hi Mama,

Thank you for dropping by and visiting the site! My name is Anne. I am a California native with an amazingly supportive family and lucky to have close friends who I would do anything for. I am a mix of sweet & spicy, and I’m the girlfriend you call to give it to you straight, yet supportive of course.

I created this site as a creative outlet. A place to share my experiences as a Mother as well as to share my love for food. As a passionate WeeSleep Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant, I wish to educate, spread awareness and share knowledge of the hot parent (yet often misunderstood) topic, sleep.

I am a wife and a first-time boy mom to a toddler aka my spicy meatball (as you will commonly hear me refer to him as). A little human who just lights up my entire life. He has gifted me a strength and love that I never knew existed.

I am a supporter of women, I am a supporter of parents, I am a supporter of choices.

I speak and write from a genuine place of wanting to help. While my path or experiences may not be for everyone, my hope is that someone will find the help they are looking for. I do not judge, nor criticize other parents. We should all have the right to do this parent thing, as we wish.

Do you Mama and just know that you’re amazing!

We have a tough job as parents, a job that I also believe is very hard to do without rest. As you will see, I absolutely love being a sleep coach! Women are amazing and this career allows me an opportunity to work closely with other Moms. I have a genuine love for children and child development. I have the pleasure of helping parents everywhere to get their little loves sleeping.

The bonus, I get to share my love for food (healthy & not so healthy) and mom life (the good, bad, and the fun!).

This Mama loves sleep, loves food, and was born to shoot for the stars!

Welcome to Sleep, Eat & Hustle!

  •   Where do I even start?

    Anne made a miracle happen. We reached out to her when we were at a point of desperation -- our 4 month old little one was waking up every 1-3 hours, co-sleeping, needing the boob to fall asleep, and not taking naps. I reached out to her because I was going back to work soon and he was planning on having a little operation done and would need to fast the night beforehand (which seemed impossible since he was waking up every hour).

    Anne took into account the operation and customized a plan for us. We had a billion questions and she took the time to answer all of them. She went above and beyond for us; supporting us as a professional and as a mother. The little guy had his operation and he was able to sleep through the night before without crying to be fed -- which was a miracle!

    We are now at a place where he is going down for naps without resisting, sleeping 6 hour stretches through the night, and overall just a completely different baby.. from a moody/fussy baby to one, happy little guy! We realized in retrospect that he wasn't sleeping enough before which was causing him to be fussy all of the time, now he is so happy/rested, doesn't need a pacifier or boob to sleep, and we are able to predict his schedule/moods. Also, we are getting sleep too and better parents to him! Thank you so much Anne -- we couldn't have done this without you!

    thumb Angela L.

      Anne changed our lives. At 6 months she got my son sleeping through the night. She came to our house and taught me how to get my son to sleep, something I didn't think was possible. She exceeded any expectation I had and answered every single question I asked. She's trustworthy and as a mom herself, she knows what works best. I can't recommend her enough!! You're the greatest Anne! We all love you in our house.

    thumb Summer S.

      When it comes to Sleep Consultants, Anne is the BEST! I run a very busy doula practice in San Francisco and all of our doulas recommend Anne to their clients. Over the years, my clients have asked me for recommendations for sleep consultants. After many raving reviews from my clients, I will ONLY recommend Anne! Because, I have seen so many other sleep consultants, I can tell you the differences between what they offer and what Anne offers. Anne's program has structure and is adaptable to both the parent and the child. Anne has a passion for this work like nothing I've seen before and it shows when you work with her. Anne's pricing is fair and totally worth it! Anne takes the time to really look into what's going on and identifying the needs for your family, not just a "cookie cutter" solution because this is not a "one size fits all" type of program!
    When I recommend Anne to the families I work with, I know that they will be taken care of and that is so important to me (and my business!).

    thumb Jennifer D.
  •   Amazing! Once my son turned 18 months, literally overnight he became a terrible sleeper. It was so bad to the point where he'd only nap while riding in a stroller or carseat and the only way he'd sleep through the night is on the floor of his room with me next to him. My husband and I couldn't agree on a sleep schedule and we were exhausted. My babysitter saw how tired I was and recommended Anne. We did the 10 day program and had amazing results! He slept on his own for naps and throughout the night! Now, a month after the program, my son still sleeps on his own without us intervening! I'm still amazed on how easily it is to put him down to sleep and not have to go in for 12 hours when he wakes up in the morning! Wow!

    thumb Jenn M.

      Anne has been a life saver for us!  She helped us to train our 10 months old son to sleep through the night after three days!  He is now 12 months old, still sleep every night for 11 hours straight and go to sleep and wake up happy. I did not know that was even possible since he was such a terrible sleeper, waking up every two hours, waking up to any tiny movement or noise.  Our only regret is that we didn't call Anne sooner!  We find that Anne's method is easy to follow and gentle, she is also wonderful to work with.  Thank you Anne, you have transformed our life with baby!

    thumb Vicky Y.

      Five stars are not enough!

    I had severe postpartum anxiety after experiencing birth complications. The sound of my daughter crying broke me down inside, but it got to a point where my baby was fighting sleep constantly and unhappy all day. I knew I had to do something and I was afraid to do it alone. I found Anne and she not only helped me teach my baby to sleep independently but my anxiety has also decreased tremendously. My daughter is happy, well rested... she seems like a different baby. I couldn't have done it without Anne's support. She has great energy, is very kind and goes above and beyond. I plan to recommend her to all my mom friends.

    thumb Lina M.
  •   Anne was a lifesaver! I literally called her in tears because my 1yo wouldn't take naps and was all of a sudden waking up at night. Before a trip to the East Coast our LO was sleeping for 11hrs/night and happily taking 2 naps a day. When we got back and did not fall back into our normal routine after a week I was panicked. She was so supportive and helped me be consistent. I was hesitant at first to hire a sleep consultant but I'm SO happy I did. Anne is lovely and our family is sleeping again.

    thumb Jill D.

      Anne is a miracle worker! My husband and I were completely exhausted after months of waking up every 2-3 hours at night, and after just a couple of nights Anne got us all 6 then 12+ hour stretches of sleep! The best part was that she did it in a way that we were comfortable (not cry it out) and made the entire process very easy for all of us. She also revamped our baby's daytime naps and feeding schedule. The process she set us up with has helped us maintain 12+ hour sleep stretches at night regardless of ear infection, fever, teething, developmental leaps etc. Her program truly saved us. I can't recommend her enough!

    thumb Shelby W.

      Anne was simply a godsend! My baby girl went from nursing every hour while Co-Sleeping with me, to sleeping in her own crib all night with no feedings, within a week. We are so grateful for Anne's expertise, 24/7 guidance and now friendship. You can't put a Price on sleep! 100% worth it!

    thumb Allie G.